“Choose Trust”

This morning is was impressed with something David said in Psalm 31:14-15.  This passage says, But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hand…”

The words “but I” are in a place of strong contrast in the Hebrew.  David is making a statement about something.  What he is about to say is in strong contrast to what he had just said in the previous verses.  What did he say earlier?

The context shows that his life is seemingly out of control and there are some who are even plotting to kill him!  He is the anointed king.  How can this be happening?  I have had bad days but never have experienced someone trying to assassinate me.

How would you have responded to that situation?  Would you doubt God’s promises? Would you panic and worry?  I am sure I would have done all of those things.  I am sure David was not passive in the situation, but he mentioned where his heart was in the midst of these extreme circumstances when he said: “But I, trust in you O Lord.” In spite of his circumstances, he chose to trust.

It seems that as David thought about his situation he was able to rest in the truth that God cared for him and would protect him.  Instead of reacting as those around him in panic, he realized that he needed to trust God because he knew God’s promises to him were true and that God had shown him multiple times that He loved him.

Why could David trust God?  He knew God was in control.  He said, “my times are in your hand.”  What does that mean? Gerald Wilson states,

“The use of ‘time/times’ in this sense is more than a remark on the passage of time. Underlying the psalmist’s surrender is an understanding of life as made up of a series of decisive moments in which a person can take either appropriate or inappropriate direction, depending on how he or she responds to the circumstances.”

So what is the appropriate action for you and me as we understand our times are in His hand?  When David faced difficult circumstances in life, he chose to trust God.  In the same way, I need to trust God and live life with a yielded heart to His leadership in my life.  Why? My times are in His hand.  I need to be active in my obedience, but I also need to rest in the knowledge that my very life with all of its details are under His control.  In addition, I need to resist the temptation of trying to help God by “fixing things” I don’t agree with in His leadership of my life.

Father, thank you for loving me so much that you care about me and all the details in my life.  I can trust you like David did.  When life seems hard or out of control, help me to trust you and say, “You are my God.  My times are in your hand.”  Help me live a yielded life so that you can change me and accomplish through me everything you desire.  I want to be a moldable vessel for you use.  Help me to chose to trust you in spite of my circumstances.

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