HE answered ME!

If you were going to write a Psalm, how would you start it?  The Psalmist in Psalm 120 started out with a simple declaration.  He said, 

“. . . I called to the Lord, and he answered me.”

The name of the Psalmist is unknown, but notice what he confidently said, “I called to the LORD, and HE answered ME.”

The writer is describing a very personal and real experience with God!  He is not saying, “I wish God would answer me like he does other people I hear about.”  He simply said, I called to the LORD and he answered ME.” A simple statement of fact.  It is as though; everyone knows that is how it works in our relationship with God.  God is involved with each of his children individually. He knows what is happening in my life and loves me just like he loves all of his other children.  He cares, is concerned, listens and wants to help me!

In our transition to my new role with Uniontown Bible Church, we have prayed about so many things. As you can imagine, there were many things that needed to happen to allow us to move including the sale of our home, a new home, place to stay in Maryland as we wait for our new home to be built, etc., etc., etc.  As we have seen each need fulfilled, are those things simply coincidences?  Or, is there a loving God who is intimately involved in my life that cares for me and helps me according to his plan?  God has used this time to remind me that he enjoys meeting the needs of his children! 

This does not imply that God will answer everything exactly the way we asked, but that he cares, is involved and answers according to his will.  Some things in our transition did not go exactly as we had hoped, but we can now look back and see his hand everywhere in meeting our needs in his timing.

You and I can still proclaim today the very thing the Psalmist said hundreds of years ago, “I called to the LORD, and he answered me.”

I hope this simple reminder of God’s care for us individually gives you renewed hope and encouragement to continue talking to your Father and praise him for his concern and provision in your life.  

Father, thank you that I can call to you, you hear me, and you care.  You alone are able to intervene in my life and I thank you for allowing me to see how much you care for me by leading us to Uniontown and for meeting all of our needs.

Following Jesus with you,