With My Whole Heart

Have you ever had a morning that starts out bad?  The more you dwell on something troubling you, the more irritated you become?  Then, before you realize it, you are angry, frustrated or discouraged?

I had one of those mornings recently, and then I read the first two verses of Psalm 9.  This passage changed my perspective and my heart.  Here are some of the observations that changed my feelings from angst to joy:

“I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.  I will be glad and exult in you…” (Ps. 9:1-2)

1.  Notice in the first line, David says he will give thanks to God with a WHOLE heart.  In other words, he chose to praise God with a complete and undivided heart.  He decided to give thanks without any part of his inner soul holding back from such thanksgiving.  There have been times when I can partially praise God, but I am also holding back part of me that is upset about something.  I have to let that go. I have to give thanks to God entirely and without reservation.

2.  How did David move to a whole heart of thanksgiving?  This is line two. He recounted all of God’s WONDERFUL deeds.  This word “wonderful” is interesting because it is describing miraculous works that often are contrary to nature and this word is only used of God, never a man (Ps. 72:18).  David paused to think back and recall each of the miraculous works of God in his life.  He meditated on God’s faithfulness to him.  He thought deeply about the things in his life that only God could have done.  Such meditation can change your feelings of anxiety to joy.

3.  This process of recalling God’s miraculous work in his life personally, allowed him to say the third line.  “I will be GLAD and EXULT IN YOU.”  The word for “glad” is describing the expression of joy while the word “exult” is describing the feelings of joy.  David learned that joy comes from finding it in our relationship with God.  The realization of His unique and miraculous work in each of our lives should want us to express our joy and allow us to experience joy because of our relationship with the God who loves us.

Father, what a great way to start the day.  You have helped me to change my heart this morning.  I have moved from frustration to joy because I have chosen to praise you with a whole heart as I reflect on your miraculous deeds in my life!  This realization has caused me great joy in my relationship with you and makes me want to express it with a whole heart.  May that be true of me today and all days!

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