Walk Worthy

The few times I have been out of the country, I have always been thankful that I am an American. Our heritage, tradition, freedom and commitment to our citizens provides some peace of mind when on foreign soil.

The Philippians were proud to be Roman Citizens.  Their city was a mini-Rome. Paul reminds them and us in Phil. 1:27, that another citizenship we have as disciples of Jesus should influence how we live even more than our earthly citizenship. Part of this verse says, “let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ.”

What exactly does Paul mean by that statement? The words “let your manner of life be worthy,” translate one Greek word. As Constable points out, this is not the normal word for “conduct,” but it literally means, “to live as a citizen.’ This was a specially appropriate term to use in a letter to people who took great pride in their Roman citizenship (cf. Acts 16:12, 20–21). The Philippian Christians, however, were also citizens of a more important kingdom, a heavenly one.”

So then, Paul is reminding us that we should be living as  citizens worthy of heaven. This citizenship is made possible because of our belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Father, what a simple reminder of a very significant truth. I should be living as an alien here. My present conduct should be reflective of my true destiny and my citizenship in heaven. Help me to remember this truth daily. Help me to live in light of my future citizenship more than my present one.

Following Jesus with you,


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