A Little Known Hero

How would you like to be remembered? As I was reading Eph. 6:21, I realized that I would like to be remembered like Tychicus. This verse says, “Tychicus the beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord will tell you everything.”

Who was Tychicus? How did he become recognized as a “beloved brother” and “faithful minister” in the Lord? What set him apart for such recognition by Paul?

Tychicus is not someone we hear much about, but here are a couple of things that scripture tells us about him:

1) He is the one who brought the Letter of Ephesians to that city. After Paul wrote this letter in prison he entrusted its delivery to him.
2) Tychicus was apparently with Paul when he was in prison. As a result, he probably helped to care for Paul when in need.
3) In addition to delivering the letter, he was tasked with telling the Ephesians how Paul was doing in prison.
4) Paul also wrote the letter of Colossians in prison and Tychicus took that letter to the city of Colossae.
5) Onesimus accompanied Tychicus when he delivered the letter to the Colossians.
6) The fact that Onesimus went with Tychicus to Colossae is important because Onesimus was a runaway slave whom Paul led to Christ while in prison. Paul sent Onesimus back to Colossae to appeal for mercy before his slave owner named Philemon.
7) Tychicus and Onesimus took a personal letter from Paul to Philemon entitled “Philemon.” The letter to Philemon was Paul’s appeal for mercy on behalf of Onesimus.
8) Tychicus was entrusted not just with the letter of Philemon, but with the task of pleading the case of Onesimus to Philemon.
9) Tradition has it that Tychicus died a martyr’s death.

What an amazing ministry that Tychicus had. He is not someone we talk about very much, but he was an amazingly crucial person in the service of the Kingdom! He had proved himself a true brother and was faithful with all the responsibilities entrusted to him. He sacrificed much to help others.

Father, Tychicus is a great model for us to follow. He is someone who lived out his faith and didn’t just talk about it. He was dependable and proved himself a loyal servant. He is not heralded as a great hero of the faith, but he certainly was! He does not seem to be the “up-front” guy, but the “go-to” guy that anyone would want to partner with in ministry. May you enable me to be like Tychicus.

Following Jesus with you,


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