Why Singing at Christ’s Birth?

Today I was reading about the angels singing at the birth of Jesus.  In Luke 2:13-14 it says,

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

Why were the angels singing?  As I studied this I learned some interesting things about the culture at that time that may help to explain the significance of this worship. First, the birth of a baby boy in a Jewish home was recognized as a very special blessing from God.  Howard Vos notes,

In a society that had no social security benefits the sons carried on the family line and name, cared for and occupied the family inheritance, and provided for their parents in old age.[1]

Having a son to ensure the continuation of the family name and knowing this son would also one day provide for his aging parents was a reason for abundant celebration.  In fact, this special event was marked by great joy. William Barclay makes a very helpful observation about that culture when he notes,

When the time of the birth was near at hand, friends and local musicians gathered near the house. When the birth was announced and it was a boy, the musicians broke into music and song, and there was universal congratulation and rejoicing . . . Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem and therefore that ceremony could not be carried out. [2]

Therefore, secondly, the birth of a son was marked by local musicians gathering at the home and singing in celebration!  Could it be that since mankind could not provide the appropriate praise to God at the birth of Jesus, that God made sure his Son was properly announced with singing not of mere men, but the very angels of heaven?

The birth of Jesus has a far greater benefit than mere temporal provision.  Jesus brings eternal life to those who embrace him as their Savior and God.  There has never been a birth worthy of more celebration!

Father, thank you for sending your Son!  You are worthy of praise for his birth which has changed my life and the course of history!  Help me to live out my faith and life in a manner that is in harmony with Christ’s teaching and mission.

Following Jesus with you,


[1] Howard Frederic Vos, Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Manners & Customs: How the People of the Bible Really Lived (Nashville, TN: T. Nelson Publishers, 1999), 450.

[2] William Barclay, ed., The Gospel of Luke, The Daily Study Bible Series (Philadelphia, PA: The Westminster John Knox Press, 1975), 23.

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