Perfect Peace

In our crazy and complex world it is hard to find peace. Often our minds and hearts are racing trying to keep up with all of the demands and desires of our lives. Yet, God makes an incredible promise in Is. 23:6 which says,

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

A few observations about this passage that hit me:

1) God is the one who gives us this peace. It is not something we manufacture. He is the source. Peace comes from him.

2) The kind of peace he offers is “perfect peace.” This is describing complete peace. Peace the way it was meant to be. “Peace (Hb. shalom) had a much richer connotation than the English word does since it conveyed not merely the absence of conflict and turmoil but also the notion of positive blessing, especially in terms of a right relationship with God. (ESV Study Bible)

Wow! The peace God wants me to have is so much more than the lack of turbulence in my life. He wants me to experience the blessing of having a right relationship with him!

3) My responsibility in this process is to use my mind correctly. In our passage, the word “mind” carries the connotation that we “have a ‘frame of mind, perspective, constitution’ … that is ‘steadfast’… which implies an undeviating commitment to a purpose, conviction, or person” (New American Commentary)

4) This frame of mind that I need to have is described as “trust.” The word for “trust” here “is the feeling of safety and security that is felt when one can rely on someone or something else” (Complete Word Study Dictionary). I need to go through my day always relying on God. I need to leave my life in his hands.  When I have tried to take back the control of my life in the past, it has always made me worried rather than peaceful.

So how can all this all be summarized? God will keep in complete peace, the person who continually has the frame of mind where he chooses to trust in, depend on and rest in God.

When my mind starts to doubt, or I try to take control of a situation that only God can handle, I need to refocus and lean on him. The fruit of my unwavering trust in him means, I will experience his peace. This peace comes from letting go and trusting in him.  Relying on God to fulfill his promises does not mean I should not do my best, but that I should yield my life and heart to him and trust him to care for me the way he knows is best.

Father, thank you for this amazing verse. Thanks for thinking about me in such a way that you know I need peace. This peace comes from a right relationship with you where I trust you completely and continually. Help be to keep my mind focused on you and your trustworthiness so that I can experience your peace in spite of my circumstances.

Following Jesus with you,

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