Good Habits

Today I was impressed once again by the life of Jesus. He models something for us that really is amazing. He models the need to pray. Of all people who have ever lived, he would be the only one we could argue did not need to pray. And yet he did, and he did so frequently.

Notice how D. M McIntyre discusses the reality of Jesus habit of withdrawing to pray as mentioned in Luke 6:15. He says this,

“It was our Lord’s habit to seek retirement for prayer. When He withdrew Himself from men, He was accustomed to press far into the uninhabited country—He was in the deserts. The surprise of the onlookers lay in this, that one so mighty, so richly endowed with spiritual power, should find it necessary for Himself to repair to the source of strength, that there He might refresh His weary spirit. To us, the wonder is still greater, that He, the prince of Life, the Eternal Word, the Only-begotten of the Father, should prostrate Himself in meekness before the throne of God, making entreaty for grace to help in time of need.”

These words are a reminder to me that I need to rededicate myself to prayer. If Jesus was not too busy to pray, neither am I. Over the years I have been impressed with four reasons for prayer that still motivate me. They are

1) Prayer is where my intimacy with God can flourish
2) Prayer allows me to see God work through his answers
3) Prayer accomplishes things that would not happen without it
4) Prayer allows me to conform my will to his so that I can say, “not my will but your will be done.”

Father, thank you for the challenge to refresh my efforts to pray more intentionally. Help me to redevelop this holy habit. Thank you for the privilege of prayer!

Following Jesus with you,

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