Peaks and Valleys

A quick read of 1 Kings 19:1-18 goes from great victory in the life of Elijah to one of tragedy very quickly. Elijah had just experienced one of the greatest prophetic victories in the Old Testament only to end up replaced in prophetic service by Elisha.

This passage is too long to quote here, but here are a few observations that really struck me today:

  1. After great victory, we are vulnerable to great failure. Elijah doubted God and ran for his life because of the verbal threats of Jezebel.
  2. Before making rash decisions, we should consult the Lord for direction.
  3. God was amazingly patient with Elijah and even took great care to provide for his nourishment even as he ran from his service!
  4. It is easy to lose perspective when in significant leadership for God. Elijah felt sorry for himself because he thought he was the only one serving God. The Lord let him know that he was just one of 7,000 that were still faithful to him!
  5. When confronted with sin, we need to humbly admit our failures to God and ask for his forgiveness. There is no indication that Elijah did this. He experienced a conversation with God, supernatural provision of nourishment and a glimpse of the nature and power of God! With all of that, he was stuck in self-pity rather than admit his lack of faith in God.
  6. God can replace any of his servants at a moments notice! I am not indispensable in he service of the Kingdom. After all that Elijah experienced, God told him to anoint Elisha to take his place as his profit!

Father, how many times have I felt sorry for myself because of my sacrificial service for you! I am so sorry for that. It is a privilege to know and serve you. Thank you that I am on your team and you still call my number at times to get in the game and serve for your kingdom. Help me to keep the proper perspective of life as I live for you. Thank you for your patience with me and my imperfections. May you still use me for your glory.

Following Jesus with you,


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