The Wisdom Of God

From your perspective, what is one of the greatest displays of God’s wisdom to the visible world and to the unseen world? There probably could be many answers to that question, but one of the them is found in Eph. 3:10 which says, “…through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.”

Paul tells us the wisdom of God is clearly seen in the creation of the church containing both believing Jews and Gentiles. Who would have ever thought!

The word translated “manifold” is only used here in the Greek New Testament. The great scholar Harold Hoehner points out that,

“In classical Greek the adjective ‘manifold’ (polypoikilos) referred to the beauty of an embroidered pattern or the variety of colors in flowers …The ‘manifold wisdom of God’ does not refer to redemption as such but rather to the new relationship between believing Jews and Gentiles in one body. The medium by which this wisdom is communicated is the church.”

The Church is so amazing in its creation that both the righteous and fallen angels marvel at it. The angels are learning about God’s great wisdom through us. The fact that believing Jews and Gentiles could be brought together and fused as one in the Church displays the variegated wisdom of God!

This amazing truth also makes clear that having the Gospel shared with the Gentiles was not “plan b.” It was not because the Jews rejected the Gospel, but because God had planned to include them all along. This is God’s predetermined plan!

Father, as I read through Ephesians noting the clear emphasis of Gospel truth as it is applied to the Gentile, your multicolored wisdom is overwhelming in its beauty. Thank you for loving all mankind enough to provide a solution for sin for anyone who would choose to believe in Jesus as their Savior and God!

Following Jesus with you,


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