Battle Plan

One of the things I have noticed about our culture is how quickly we are fleeing from the Christian faith in America. I am sure that observation is not news to anyone. Paul gives clarity as to his approach to this problem when the Romans ruled the world 2000 years ago with similar issues. Notice what he says in 2 Cor. 5:10,

“We destroy arguments and every elevated structure that rises up against the knowledge of God. And we lead captive every thought to obey Christ.”

Paul is using military terminology to share his plan for bringing obedience to Christ. Kistemaker observes,

“for the conquest is to subdue not people but thoughts. There is no mention of bloodshed and killing on this battlefield. Rather, all the theories are captured and brought into obedience to Christ. The culture that is conquered for Christ remains intact, but its components are transformed to serve him. These are the captive thought patterns that are brought into conformity with the teachings of the Lord.”

Paul is talking about much more than my personal thought life in this passage. I need to know the teachings of Jesus well enough that I can tell when a philosophy or teaching is not in line with the Bible. If it is out of line, I need to be able to explain why and bring it captive to obedience to Christ.

Father, Paul was an amazingly gifted man. You gave him the great ability to confront opposing thoughts to the teachings of Jesus. Help me to understand contrary teachings to Christ and give me the ability to know why they are wrong and the ability to help others understand the truth. Finally, give me the courage to speak up when given the opportunity.

Following Jesus with you,


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