When In Deep Trouble…

David penned a great prayer in Psalm 69. Parts of this Psalm are often quoted in the New Testament. The question is how does this Psalm and prayer of David apply to you and me today?

The ESV Study Bible has this insightful comment, “David was the representative for the people of God, and in that role he wrote this as a prayer that is well-suited to each of God’s people in analogous situations, providing the ideal response to such trials.”

This Psalm expresses the heart of David as he struggles with those who are seeking to harm him. The verse that really hit me is verse six which says,

“Let not those who hope in you be put to shame through me,
O Lord GOD of hosts;
let not those who seek you be brought to dishonor through me,
O God of Israel.”

Even in the midst of great trial, David’s first concern is that he not cause other God followers shame or scorn because of how he lived through those trials. What a great reminder of the importance of living a life of faithfulness on a moment by moment basis. Not only because it is good for me, but I am leaving a model for others and I do not want to lead them astray through my poor decisions or cause them to be treated poorly as a disciple of Jesus because of me.

Father, thanks for this reminder! I love how David expressed his heart, and yet knew his imperfections and his potential influence over others. May you help me live this day with my focus on walking with you so that my faithfulness can be a positive influence on others. Help me to never bring dishonor to your name.

Following Jesus with you,


3 thoughts on “When In Deep Trouble…

  1. That is perfect to always be mindful of our actions at all times because you never know who is watching, especially in times of distress and pain

    Thank You


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