The Fountain of Life

As I age, I better understand the desire of others who have said they are looking for the “fountain of life.” They are looking for something that will allow them to turn back the clock of life so that they can be younger, live longer and live in a more vigorous way.  But, is that what will really bring lasting fulfillment?

I was surprised to see that God actually talks about this very topic in Psalm 36:9. In that verse David says, “For with you is the fountain of life; in your light do we see light.” If you are looking for the fountain of life, God is it! He is the source of all life and in relationship with him is found a “full and satisfying life” (Anderson).

This verse also makes me think of John 10:10 where Jesus said, “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly.” Is it possible Jesus had this verse in mind when he said that? The word Jesus used for “life” is describing a vibrant “relationship with God.” Jesus said the fulfilling life is the one connected to God through a personal relationship with him regardless of your age. With God, the abundant life does not require turning back the clock of life!

Father as I age, may I keep the perspective which is described here by David and Jesus. You are the fountain of life and abundant living is found only in relationship with you. This will always be true no matter how old I become.

Thank you for making a way through your Son to restore the relationship with you that was lost in the Garden through the sin of Adam and Eve. Help me to find a full and satisfying life as I enjoy my relationship with you.

Following Jesus with you,


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