By Few Or By Many

My heart was really encouraged this morning when I reflected on a time in Jonathan’s life when he attacked the Philistines. He contemplated taking a very dangerous course of action by attacking a garrison of the enemy with only his armor bearer to support him. He said this to his armor bearer in 1 Samuel 14:6, “for nothing can hinder the LORD from saving by many or by few.” The meaning of this statement is that it is as easy for God to give victory through few as it is through many.

As Kenneth Chafin notes, this “doesn’t limit God to the minority but is a reminder that to be victorious in life does not require either consensus or a majority. So many people stand before situations in life where they are inadequate within themselves and they need to be constantly reminded what God can do with one, or a few.”

Father, so often in life I can find myself overwhelmed by circumstances. I evaluate situations based upon my ability to address them in my own power. You have designed life in a way that is intended to make me dependent upon you. Instead of giving up because a situation seems impossible, may you help me remember this very important truth! You can accomplish your will simply by your command to have it done. The people, the odds, the circumstances mean nothing to you.

Thank you for being a God that is bigger than my circumstances and bigger than my fears. You can do anything you want. Nothing can hinder your work. Help me to rest in the confidence that comes from believing this and from trusting in you to accomplish your will in my life because you know what it best.

Following Jesus with you,


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