My Loyal Friend

I love reminders of things that I know are true but I often take for granted. This allows me appreciate these truths in a fresh way. One such reminder is the simple but profound statement in Ps 25:14 which says, “The friendship of the LORD is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant.” The meaning of this text could be summarized by saying, “an intimate relationship with God is available for those who honor him and treat him with respect. Those who are friends with God will know that his commitment to them is real.”

What does it really mean for me to be the friend of God? According to Baker’s Dictionary of Theology, “In both Testaments the ideas of friend and friendship involve three components: association, loyalty, and affection.”

Friends share a meaningful relationship with one another and do so without fear of judgment. Friends are loyal to one another and stand up for one another. Friends share heartfelt concern for one another.

In relation to God, I have the privilege of sharing my heart with him knowing that he will always hear me and will always accept me. He is my biggest fan! In fact, in Ps. 139:17-18 it says that God never stops thinking about me! God’s loyalty to me is unquestioned. In Romans 8:31 I am told that God is “for me.” If God is for me, then I have nothing to fear. Finally, nothing can separate me from his love (Rom. 8:38-39). My friendship with God which comes through faith in his Son is the bedrock for my life.

The issue for me is not how well God does his part in our friendship, but how well I am living up to my end of the friendship? Am I spending the time required to help my friendship with God grow? Am I loyal to him? Is he the number one allegiance of my heart? Am I showing my love for him through my obedience to his desires?

Father, thank you for the reminder of my intimate, meaningful, and unchanging friendship with you. Your friendship is the strength of my life. Help me to make you the number one allegiance of my heart and live as your loyal friend.

Following Jesus with you,


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