Exhausted Yet Pursuing

In Judges 8, Gideon makes a memorable statement in verse 4 when he says that he and his men were “exhausted yet pursuing.” In the context, Gideon and his 300 men were pursuing the Midianites and their kings. I can only imagine how tired they must have been as they fought overwhelming numbers for many hours and then pursued their enemies as they fled. Gideon and his men did not have enough food and water to replenish their strength. They were spent and yet they continued on in an effort to accomplish the LORD’S will.

Have you ever felt “exhausted and yet pursuing” the LORD’s will in you life? I think sometimes we can view the normal life of a disciple of Jesus as an easy, carefree life insulated from problems and worries. Obviously, that is not the case. Even though God had given the victory over the Midianites to Gideon and his men, they exerted great effort to experience that victory. They were not passive, but very active in cooperating with the work of God and the path of obedience took all their strength.

I need to remember that my pursuit of Jesus and following his will is not necessarily easy or automatic. In my relationship with him, I can’t be passive. Rather, I need to be active and then he will prosper my efforts as I follow him. I also need to remember that there will be times in my life when that path of obedience is the hard path.

One final observation of Gideon and his men is that they were not always exhausted. Most of us will not be exhausted following Jesus all the time.  That is encouraging and shows there may be seasons in my life that are harder than others.  I need to remember to be thankful for the times when life feels like a downhill path.

Father, I love the statement by Gideon, “exhausted but pursuing.” Will you help me to do my part in following you and as I do, will you prosper my efforts to become like you? When following you is the uphill path, may you give me the strength to pursue you and your will like Gideon.

Following Jesus with you,


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