Seasons of Life

What do you think of when you think of Moses? If you are like me, you may have thought about the great leadership Moses provided leading the people out of Egypt toward the promised land.

Moses’s great leadership did not come out of a vacuum and really takes place in the third and final season of his life. In Stephen’s summary of Moses’s life in Acts chapter 7, he broke the life of Moses up into three 40 year periods. The first season of 40 years was when Moses grew up under the influence of the Pharaoh’s household. At the conclusion of this time Moses is described in this way, “Moses was instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and he was mighty in his words and deeds.” Wow! Certainly he is ready for great things! But as the story unfolds, apparently that thought is premature.

The next season of his life comes out of nowhere and doesn’t seem to fit the story. Moses flees to Midian for 40 years and lives as an exile because of his murder of an Egyptian. What must Moses have been thinking at that point? What a change from living in the seat of power to that of an exile who now appeared to have no future. As it turns out, this season was not a waste for him, but was all part of God’s training for Moses.  The best was yet to come.

As unexpectedly as Moses fled to Midian, an angel now appears to Moses.  This event introduces the start of the third season of 40 years in his life.  It is at this time he is allowed to experience the great adventure of leading the nation of Israel out of Egypt to their new home and to enjoy a very unique relationship with God!

As I look back on my life I can see seasons of my life as well. For me the seasons would be my upbringing, salvation in college, service in ministry, seminary, marriage and parenting, the work world and then back into the pastorate. It is easier to see the seasons of life when I look back, but hard to see them when I am living them and I certainly can’t see what the future will be like. Is this my last season or is there more to come?

Father, I do not know where I am in the seasons of life you have for me. I can’t see what the future holds, but I can express my great thanks for how you have led me in life and I look forward to your continued leadership of my life and my family. Have your way in me and with me.

Following Jesus with you,


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